D – 6 , things look good, new Maître crepier arriving, new menu, outdoor dining soon allowed, summer coming…

Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel…

Terrace are opening soon and we want to be part of it. So we may manage something and if we do we will make the most of it. We will let you know more in the coming days, so watch this space !

Anyway, we are ready and in line with all the government guidelines. Leah our lead worker representative has passed many HSE training and will be answering all queries from the staff in regards to hygiene and good practice, then our 2 chefs are fully vaccinated ! Leah and myself know all the required protocol and best practise and we will be the ones serving you. All the staff is trained to the work safely protocol and more. And all that because we want the best for our customers who have been so loyal and supportive during those hard times.

And last but not least we have a new cider coming soon, this one is from Normandy. The best cider title has always been a fight between the 2 regions : Normandy Vs Britany Which one has the best cider ? Well you will taste and decide then.

So now it is our time to shy !

Thanks for reading !

1.5 year ago…

It is important to be completely honest and transparent and communicate with our customers. We owe them that. So this is why we have created this blog. This way we will also give regular news to our customers about our plan, our future dishes and also inside news about the restaurant and the team.

For this 1st post – a quick summary of the year :

It is over a year since we opened, we had a great start, thanks to Guillaume our Maitre Crepier who helped us to launch the Creperie.

One month later, like everybody, we get hit by Covid19 and its restrictions. We were very reluctant to do take away and delivery because our dishes need to be eaten within 15/20 mins max after being prepared. So we decided to do take away/deliveries only for people living in Bray (those lucky Bray people!)


We were able to reopen during the summer and success returned. Guillaume who made the best school of Maitre crepier in Britany took this opportunity to train 2 cooks , Kieva and Ricky.

Kieva is in third year of culinary school. Ricky has 20 years of experience as a chef. He has worked in restaurants in Suadia Arabia and then came in Ireland and worked as a chef in a restaurant in Waterford. As the family grew he looked for a quiter job and worked for the last few years as a chef in a nursing home in Bray. He was very happy to embrace a new Challenge and learn the job of Crepier with us.

We were able to reopen for a short time in December but the following lockdown was fatal for Guillaume who has such an active and enthusiastic personality that he could not handle the lack of action and of customers. He loved his experience and I am very grateful to him for his help but he has decided to go back to Britany.

Ricky and all the team are looking forward to reopening fully. In the meantime, we work had to make sure our customers will have the best experience possible in the safest possible way.

As long as we operate in takeaway/delivery only, we cook in small batches, reduced the menu to keep our promise of freshness and quality to our customers.

Thomas, a new chef will join us before reopening. He is from Britany, has trained in the best Creperie in France and in Japan at the Creperie Breizh Cafe when they opened their new creperie in Tokyo.

He always wanted to live in Ireland so now he is looking forward to coming here. So, I count on you to welcome him but as I know Irish people I have little worry in this regard!

Voila ! This is the end of our first post !

Thanks for reading !